azulihaven said: Omg you just exploded. Exploded in DP appreciation words and look, they are all over me, they are everywhere! Bassa, who’d have thought you were keeping such a beast sealed inside your body and having to stay silent about it. Worst than Kyuubi.

LOL.  Don’t feel that bad.  It wasn’t so much a “have to.”  More like a “nobody else is really interested, no point in talking.”  But here on my tumblr, people can choose to not read :D, so I can babble to my heart’s content here.

Lemme just clean those words off you a little..there..just.  yeah. :DDDDDDDDDD  

On a sidenote, that blind old lady side character in DP?  She was freaking awesome.  How many of you would prank a known cold-blooded merc frequently??  Al.  Best hostage-surrogate-mom-friend-person.  :D 

Anyway, that’s enough Deadpool out of me.  I return you all to your regularly scheduled Sion random musings here and there.

Recent events in anime/manga….


Are we finally in Egypt yet?  Oh, hey look guys, another vehicle.  This can only go well.


Are we at the Dark Continent yet?  Oh, hey look guys, a battle royale.  This can only go well.


What should have been to no one’s surprise but somehow still was, Urobuchi strikes again.  8D




Everything is better with more Yato.


Judar, getting back at Sinbad for being fashionably late the last time.

And then the Tokyo Ghoul crowd:


If you look carefully, you might be able to make out coherent words amongst all the rage.

…..and we’ll just stop there.  There’s just way too many series out there.

Oh, btw, Koe no Katachi is great.  And Chang Ge Xing does everything right for a proper wuxia-ish comic (probably ‘cuz it was written by a Chinese person). 

jade-swan said: Let’s hope the movie makes it to the other side of the spectrum of “Top 10 Movies” 8D But yessssssss, aside from Ultraviolet, all the other movies just… disappoint to the bottom of depthless.

azulihaven said: That’s some stiff competition you got here! I think DP movie stands a chance… XD It should! Why do these movies even exist to compete against anything at all… Why.

Hmm.  The DP effect has taken over.  It has caused me to become 10 times more talkative than my already wordy self.  I apologize OTL.  It will blow over eventually.

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arfuraf said: I hope your expectations remembered to wear a parachute bag just in case! Movies can be so disappointing sometimes :/

Yeah.  That’s why I said oh, no.  BUT IT’S OKAY.  I lived through:

Dragonball Evolution, so bad that I reserved five slots in my “Top 10 Worst Movies. Ever” list for it.

Ultraviolet, which was so bad, that going in with zero expectations, it still managed to blow me away with how bad and cheesy it was. 

The Last Airbender, where, due to bad scene cuts and terrible scene sequencing, it appears to take a synchronized interpretive dance number for Earth benders to shakily hover a dinner plate sized rock.

And, of course, Wolverine movie edition of Deadpool, where the “Merc with a Mouth” …….has his mouth sewn shut.  In a miraculous move, they managed to universally insult all fans of Deadpool across the planet in one tiny action scene.

If the Deadpool movie is bad, I’ll just remind myself of these beautiful gems that have somehow graced our screens :D.

azulihaven replied to your post:Hey, look. It turned into a DP appreciation post.

For some reason, reading you rabdly obsess about something is throughly amusing 8D

HAHA.  OH GOOD.  That’s what my tumblr is for :D.  I use it to unload all the initial over-excited reactions, so when I go interact with people, I don’t sound too much like a psycho.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be shaking everyone I know about the movie news anyways while babbling too quickly and incoherently.  SHARING IS CARING.

azulihaven replied to your post:jade-swan said: I think I’m converted. 8D He…

Omg you just exploded. Exploded in DP appreciation words and look, they are all over me, they are everywhere! Bassa, who’d have thought you were keeping such a beast sealed inside your body and having to stay silent about it. Worst than Kyuubi.

I’ve actually been keeping it in for a while :D.  I kept seeing Deadpool posts go by on my dash and just resisting reblogs because I’ve sworn off reblogs except on awesome parashi fan stuff D:::::::  And the cello post.  Always the cello post.  It’s my favourite post on tumblr.

Also, I’ve just been reminded that Tasky is a thing in DP’s circle of …uh..”friends” 8))) 

Since this is the year of “things I never thought would come to pass before I turned 90,” I might as well wish for the impossible:  UDON!TASKMASTER CAMEO TOO PLEASE.   

Except you, Full Metal Panic continuation.  You are dead and gone and forever buried in our distant past.


arfuraf said: It’s ok I read somewhere that Ryan Reynolds didn’t like the DP in Wolverine movie either let’s hope he will help steer the DP movie in the right direction!!!

Honestly? He’s the perfect person to play DP because DP mentioned that he looks kinda like Ryan Reynolds crossed with a shar pei….not to mention the amusing fact where Ryan Reynolds is also Canadian.  DP, like Wolverine, is also from the land of frost and maple syrup.  YOU CAN’T GET MORE META THAN THIS.  And Ryan Reynolds also has that funny/serious combo that works well for wise-cracking characters.

I’m honestly more hopeful than not.  I mean, that test footage/trailer even got his signature yellow speech bubbles in the form of yellow subtitles in there!  Whoever made it knows DP.  Oh, this is bad.  I haven’t been giddy to see a movie for a long while.  No.  I can..feel……impossible standards.  Must…keep…under control. 

All this Deadpool information- Are you getting this from the Marvel comics?

Yep.  Mostly Marvel comics.  A friend introduced me to him about a decade ago, and…well.  Let’s just say he nailed my tastes perfectly. :P  I mean, it could be on a wiki somewhere too?  I’m not sure.  There’s a bunch of random funny scenes screencapped out of comics too around the ‘web :D

jade-swan said: I think I’m converted. 8D He sounds amazing - I’m going to have to scavenge for information. The only Deadpool I know about is from that one Wolverine movie that was kind of meh for me.

Look at what you’ve done.  It’s all your fault, jade.  All your fault.

Let us not speak of Wolverine movie Deadpool.  I pretend that incarnation doesn’t exist.  He ranks even below some of the terrible characterizations of DP in the comics in some years past.  I’m not even that fond of him in his game incarnations, but movie DP really does rank wayyyyyy down there.  Please skip along to the next paragraph.  The struck through portions started devolving into rabid fan frothing.  My favourite Deadpool incarnation was mostly written by a guy named Joe Kelly, but there’s been some decent versions of him here and there…and CALL ME SHALLOW, but his most recent outfit is my favourite.  I love the extra black on his outfit. And have I ever told you  

Deadpool’s first major arc just really kicked me in the feels.  There’s a moment when — Dammit!! SECOND DP APPRECIATION POST OTL  I’m indulging myself because I tend to keep all my DP feels to myself walking around in public.  And smile and nod when people tell me X or Y about him.

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Hey, look. It turned into a DP appreciation post.

arfuraf said: Did you see the trailer (or whatever it is)!!! It’s so great. He got pregnant with some guy’s baby and then he executes the other guy and waves his head around. So great. 8D

Yes.  That’s the one :D.  It’s beautiful.  And for those who think he’s actually pregnant, no. :D  It’s Deadpool.  90% of what comes out of his mouth is batshit insane — occasionally strategically distracting….so much so that people have duct taped his mouth shut because they couldn’t stand listening to him babble on — and the last 10% is profound and just really, really sad in a heart-crushing way.  If you think Wolverine is unkillable, you haven’t met Deadpool, cursed with life (and awesome).  

Deadpool is…heck, I wouldn’t even call Deadpool an anti-hero.  He’s more like an anti-villain — A guy who does seriously bad stuff most of the time because it’s all he’s ever known, but who, when given the opportunity tries very, very hard to do the right thing.  And regardless of the outcome (most of which are negative), next time, he’s at it again, trying his best to do what’s right.

It’s actually my favourite thing about Deadpool.  Sure, I love that he’s a katana/gun wielding, amazingly skilled mercenary with hilarious lines and a super cool colour scheme, but it’s just that thing where a character who was never taught better, who has no singularly moral traumatic event that motivates them, and who really has no reason to do anything for a world that rejected and destroyed them still comes running when that same world needs their help.  In short, DP’s one of those characters that restores our faith in humanity.  8)  And I really hope the movie gets that part of him right.

Also, I think it’s the coolest thing ever that DP’s gotten an explosion in popularity over these past years.  IT’S ALL THANKS TO YOU GUYS THAT THIS MOVIE IS EVEN A THING.  


Oh Caligula - such a nostalgic name. I only remember him being the crazy one who wanted to make his horse a senator or something.
Yep.  That’s our good old Caligula :D.  Then again, Roman emperors were mostly a weird and highly entertaining bunch in general.