If you had a group of friends with you who were all willing to go to San Diego Comic Con, would you go?

I can’t help but think this is in some way related to nuri’s questions about cons and going to them, but it might just be a coincidence 8D.  Hmm…it depends.  For some reason, the older I get, the less I like getting on death traps in the sky that also dry you out like a sun-baked fish.  I can’t wait for humanity to invent something that travels as fast or faster than planes but in more comfort.  But…well, let’s put it this way, the chances of me going to any convention would be higher if a bunch of friends were going and asking me to go than if I were to go alone.

UBW Fate/stay route for anime remake?  Awww yisss.  AKA That route where Lancer is less useless and actually does something …. well, the exact same thing Lancer 1.0 does, but Chuculainn is slightly better at it.   

「テメェと俺となにが違うってん だ よォオ!!」

This scene remains one of my favourites in Eyeshield because all of Habashira’s frustration and jealousy spills out and culminates in that one anguished outburst, "You and me, just what’s the difference between us!!" 

Hiruma neither consoles him nor answers him because they both already know what the answer is, and where one is crushed by it, the other is quietly heartened by it.  And perhaps Hiruma was aware of it all along subconsciously, but it’s here where he outright acknowledges, if only silently, that the fundamental difference between him and Habashira are the teammates that have his back and that he is lucky to have them there.  

what would you do if you found out that sorachi trolled us all and the next chapter would be regular gintama antics with just the yorozuya lol

He already gave me a couple pages of a certain dokugan-san.  I’m set for the next 100 chapters.  But honestly?  It’s Sorachi.  I’m pretty much desensitized to his trollish ways and welcome them with open arms.     

Haha.  ha.  HA.  STOP LYING TO YOURSELF, HIRUMA.  If winning was the most important thing, why didn’t you join Shinryuuji?  Why didn’t you get a new kicker?!!   Hha haha  _(:I 」∠)_ /SOB

opinion on latest gintama chapter? 8D 8D 8D 8D

Just in case spoilers for those who haven’t read it…..

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Of course your art is worthy of eyeshield!!!! Of course it is! And anyway, the world always needs more eyeshield fanart, so ponder no more <(*u*<)

HAha…..i might.  In any event, I can’t do anything right now as Carpal Tunnel has decided to make a visit, like an unwanted relative.  OTL  Someone donate your wrists to a good cause.