Hehe i googled "Skeiron" and your drawing appeared in the first page 8) anyway hoping Gryff gets a great skray once time is right 8))

Skeir X:

Still about Skrays, i'm sure someone has already wondered about this before but how do they land? Or don't they land at all and are able to live their own lives on the sky?

Well…they….land like a pancake would if it fell on the floor, just flat.  Though, in battle, they rarely make a full stop on the ground before their rider jumps off.  They can sleep floating in the air and quite often do.  In my head, they hang upside down like bats clinging with their…erm..tails to sleep.   

azulihaven said: D8 Skrays are awesome! How intelligent are they? Do they have perfect understanding of the human language?

They’re fairly intelligent.  They probably don’t have a perfect understanding of human language but do have ways to communicate back and forth with their rider.  And they’re capable of pranking humans, so… :D

@azulihaven said: 8( What do you need to have a skray besides an inseparable spiritual bond?

Well, I’d say that the skray picks the rider :D  So it depends on the individual skray.

azulihaven said: Gassspp feathered skrays so exotic!! 8O Is Gryff’s skray similar to Stormy’s? Is it male or female? Is it docile too? /question spam

That’s not Gryff’s skray. :D  Gryff doesn’t have a skray.  That was just me drawing a skray with Gryff LOLLL.  I change my mind a lot with the designs of things, so …so far Stormy’s skray is a feathered manta-ray-like skray.  She’s not very docile though.  Firewalker has been unceremoniously dumped into many bodies of water by her.  Hurhur.    

Do you mean Skrays were rayfish - birds hybrids all along but the only bird part they visibly inherited were their voices and ability to fly? I agree raptors have the coolest ear shrieking bomb dropping vocalizations tho 8)

Maayyybeeeee.  OH ALL RIGHT.  Not all skrays look the same, and, by the same logic, not all hybird animals of the same hybridization look the same either.  Some more streamlined hybrids will generally have the same shape or form.  Some, like the skrays, have variation.  Some are feathered. 8))))  

B-but their mouths are huge!! And they go like chirp-chirp-tweet-tweet?? XD I’d think it had eaten a flock whole!

:D In this aspect, I have totally shoved any logic aside and squarely decided they should have bird-like vocalizations.  Well, maybe not all logic, but most certainly not based on any completely sound biology. 8DDD  An ear-piercing shriek while dive-bombing is just too cool to pass up. 

As I tried to imagine Stormy's possessive partner, it hit me... Do skrays make noises? Something like "ngmmooooohhhwww" seems fitting *scratches chin*

LOL.  I actually imagine skrays with more bird-like trills and warbles and chirrups :DDD.  I think as ParaShi progresses, people will notice something about a majority of the hybrid animals.

For the sake of more parashi sketches I mean your health we must drive you out of tumblr. To arms, parashi fans!!! Sionnac no slacking!! Sionnac no slacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A valiant effort, but, sadly 8DDD MY WORK IS PROBABLY WHAT CAUSED THE CTS.  IT’S A LOSE-LOSE SITUATION.  And, yes, you guessed it!  I’m working again right now.

arfuraf said: y u still on the webz u suppoe 2 rest

IM TRYING BUT IM FAILING D8. Too hard to resists the interwebs when doing werk because interwebs is rainbows and cats, while werk is lies and suffering. OTLLLL